Vince Perla

Head Winemaker

Vince started winemaking full time in 2000 and his passion for the craft has earned him numerous awards for several varietals including Chianti, Barolo, and Pinot Noir.  He is always looking for opportunities to learn more about winemaking and has completed coursework at the University of California at Davis, such as Fundamentals of Wine Chemistry and Introduction to Wine Analysis for Professional Winemakers and Winery Lab Workers.

What sparked your interest in winemaking?
I became interested in winemaking due to my family history and heritage.

Tell us about your favorite winemaking memory?
I will always remember the first time I made wine with my two daughters, son-in-law and two grandsons. Passing on the tradition of winemaking is very memorable.

If you had to choose one favorite varietal, which one would it be?
My favorite varietal, without hesitation, is Cabernet Sauvignon.