2017 Spring Harvest

The School of Wine at Kennedy Cellars is excited to announce our grapes for the 2017 Southern Hemisphere Harvest! We are importing grapes from the Colchagua and Curico Valley in Chile, and the Breede River Valley, Stellenbosch and Olifants River Region in South Africa. All prices are based on 200 liters of wine.

Pinot Gris
Dry, crisp, well-balanced and bright. Citrus and stone fruit play off of white flowers and slight herbal notes.

Sauvignon Blanc
Intense and aromatic with notes of pepper, grapefruit and fresh cut herbs. $2,350.00

Ripe apple and pear flavors with tart pineapple lead the way. Stylistic decisions influence this wine heavily. If oak is used, vanilla, baking spices, and toast will round out the palate. This wine is dry with moderate acidity and full body.

Intense and aromatic with ripe tropical, stone and citrus fruit flavors, mingled with honeysuckle and spice. This full-bodied wine is dry to off dry with low acidity and high alcohol. Don’t be afraid to use oak on this beauty!

Cabernet Franc
Bright red and tart black fruit, black tea and peppery herbal notes with violets and lavender all make an appearance. Bone dry to dry, moderate plus body with elevated tannins and acidity allow this wine to age.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Dark ruby in color, ripe red and lush black fruit are dominant with mint, purple flowers and hints of cocoa, anise and cinnamon. Tertiary flavors of earth and oak can show nicely here.

Ripe black and red fruit pop first. Violets and spice follow along with woody, green notes such as stewed tomatoes, green bell pepper, or celery. Dry, yet ripe fruit attacks the palate with elevated alcohol.

Lush fruits of all colors dominate here including flavors of blueberry pie, silky Chambord, and ripe blackberry jam. This is a dry wine with floral and a touch of earth to balance out the fruit.

Blue fruit takes the lead here, with red, black, and purple plum depending on sun exposure. Notes of fig and prune add to the complexity to this soft and floral varietal. Hints of mint, fern, sage and anise can linger on the palate.

Petit Verdot*
Ripe red fruit with brilliant dark ruby, purple, and blue tones, along with firm tannins and elevated acidity. Excellent as a blending partner or to cellar at length.

Pinot Noir*
A ribbon of silky rose petal, pomegranate, and cherry flavors grace the palate with tealeaf, citrus peel, and licorice notes. Oak can add vanilla, spice box, coffee, caramel, and/or chocolate flavors. This is a dry wine with moderate body and tannins, bright acidity and alcohol.

Dark ruby/purple color with black, blue, and rich red fruit all from tart to ripe and lush on the palate. Lavender and violets mixed with black peppercorn, jalapeño and bacon with a touch of leather roll through mid-palate. Bone dry to dry, moderate plus body, tannins, acidity, and alcohol make this a perfectly balanced wine.

*Premium grapes from pristine vineyard sites

A darker, more full-bodied version of Pinot Noir. Campfire smoke is a signature characteristic with black cherry, cranberry, licorice and a touch of rubber covered in purple flowers. Our grapes are sourced from old vines in the Cederberg region and Breede River Valley!

Cabernet Sauvignon*
Sustainable vineyard practices allow true varietal fruit character to shine through. Rich, ripe, and lush with refined masculine structure proves South African Cabernet to be a seamless balance of California and France.

*Premium grapes from pristine vineyard sites

Meritage Blend
A twist of California’s Bordeaux blend! In this Chilean version, we blend equal parts of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Carménère. A gorgeous harmony of black and red fruit develops, along with mint, violets, and spice to create a structured yet fruit driven wine.

Santa Cruz Blend
A blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, and Malbec ties together all of South America’s heavy hitters! Fruit forward with a balance of spice, structure and softness creates a beautifully balanced wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon/Carménère
Many of the great Chilean producers craft this blend in their wineries! Both varietals produce a distinct and intense black cassis flavor with herbaceous notes and floral aromas.

Pinotage is due to arrive late March.

South African Cabernet Sauvignon is due to arrive late April.

All Chilean Varietals are due to arrive in May.

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