Tank Shares…Try a New Varietal

Tank shares are a great way to try a new varietal!

On a limited basis, we offer exclusive production shares of select barrels, while also providing the student with the opportunity to participate in all 4 winemaking steps. Tank shares are wines that we offer in larger quantities (typically 1,000 liters) and divide into approximately 20 separate shares. Each share equates to a 1/4 barrel, which is about 5 cases or 60 bottles.

Wines that are offered in our tank shares program can be red or white and either barrel aged or stainless steel aged. Depending on the varietal, the cost per barrel share is as low as $10 per bottle, about half the price of a bottle of that quality at a retail venue.

When these limited production offers become available, we’ll inform all students about the availability via email or through social media.